Thematic Clusters

Modern working life and inclusion

Inaugural Editorial - Modern working life and inclusion
Stig Vinberg

Female leaders’ experiences of psychosocial working conditions and its health consequences in Swedish public human service organizations
Bodil Landstad and Stig Vinberg

On the organisation of sustainable prerequisites for the subjective well-being and growth of individuals
Sören Augustinsson, Ulf Ericsson and Pär Pettersson

Moving toward a recovery-oriented approach in the Swedish mental health system - an interview study of Personligt Ombud in Sweden
Carolina Klockmo, Sven-Uno Marnetoft and Mikael Nordenmark

Workplace flexibility and control in temporary agency work
Gunilla Olofsdotter

Job control and demands, work-life balance and wellbeing among selfemployed men and women in Europe
Mikael Nordenmark, Stig Vinberg and Mattias Strandh

Working life stress, rehabilitation counselling and inclusion

Socio-structural influences on the work participation of refugees: an exploratory systematic mixed studies review
Elias Mpofu, Carol Stevens, Herbert C. Biggs and Ebonee T. Johnson

The relationship between lower intelligence, crime and custodial outcomes: a brief literary review of a vulnerable group
James Freeman

The role of education and awareness in workplace alcohol and drug use in the Australian construction industry: Proposed program of research and preliminary results
Herbert C. Biggs, Amy R. Williamson and Tamzyn M. Davey

Examining spirituality and intrinsic religious orientation as a means of coping with exam anxiety
Brendan T. McMahon and Herbert C. Biggs

‘‘To tell or not to tell?’’ Managing a concealable identity in the workplace
Ross Flett

Vulnerable road user groups: a review of younger drivers, motorcyclists and older drivers
James Freeman, Bridie Scott-Parker, Ides Wong and Narelle Haworth

Has increasing the age for child passengers to wear child restraints improved the extent to which they are used? Results from an Australian focus group and survey study
Alexia Janet Lennon